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Monday, 01 December 2008



Over here in England we still punch witches all the time, even now in modern times. Honestly. Would I lie to you? Nooooooooo....... ;)

Those caterpillars are fab...lucky people to be on your chrimbo list!

oh, almost forgot...Glad to hear your dad is on the mend!


Thank you for dropping by my blog. I am so pleased you've been to visit. Love those little caterpillars! They're cuties. Whoever is going to receive those is going to be thrilled!

Anna Lloyd

I admit I'm a listmaker! I used to write on little pieces of paper which I would lose and they would drive my husband nuts because he is a neat freak! So my notebook keeps us both sane.

I also think that Thanksgiving would lots of fun.


What a beautful blog, you have sooo many cute things, i love the penguins the most - just found your blog today and will definitely be back.. well done :-)

Stacey Hsu

Your caterpillars make me smile! They are so sweet!

Thanks for participating in the tag thing--I loved your randomness. I especially like the bit about patting your sewing machine and car. As you might have picked up on by now, I'm all about anthropomorphizing stuff. hee hee

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