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Wednesday, 23 April 2008



Such a great post...I love the mini quilts and the vintage posters. I have an addiction to those old graphic prints too. Especially turn of the century European circus posters.

Hope the pets are doing ok--I'm sure they're getting a lot more pampering than you are right now. :)

Here's to a speedy finish on the renovations!


Poor Shmoo. My cats hate going to the cat motels. Well, only Noo-Noo has been so far, Boo-Boo has his first trip soon. Although the place we usually go is full, so I am trying a new one (and am so scared they'll hate it). But you can hire tvs and dvds for them...is that too weird? I think so! Mine will get squeaky mouse and foil ball like at home - no extras.
Your birdy quilt is flying over to you as we speak, I hope you like it!!!
Good luck with the renos!


oh you're so lucky to win one of those mini quilts, they are so cute. thanks for stopping by and visiting my blog.


I have renovated too and totally know what you are talking about. I stayed in my flat for the duration and shuffled from one room to the another as the reno's progressed. At one stage I had all my worldly possessions in my bedroom including the fridge! It seemed to go on forever!

I think on the first night back in my own bed, with carpet on the floor and the fridge back in it's place in the kitchen (with freshly varnished floorboards) I may well have shed a tear! It is all worth it in the end. Enjoy your new home.

Love your vintage posters too.


Ahh.. homelessness. That will be me in a few weeks. We are building so will be housesitting and generally using up other peoples good graces for the next few months... Not really looking forward to it, but I am sure i will learn things about myself!! The worst thing will be having to select the most important bits of my studio and cram them into a case to take with me. Unfortunately I don't have a trip to Europe to look forward to! Such cute quilts! I always get to the giveaways too late!


I love those posters. I have a friend with a Schnauzer so I might have to get her one of those ones.
I use a great cat motel (do you think they get little soaps and milk in little foil topped cups?) for my Harvey, although as its in Melbourne, its probably not much use to you!

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