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Friday, 11 April 2008



I know what you mean about craft books sometimes being disapointing. So many are often filled with such tacky projects, but when you find a good one it's a gem! That one looks lovely, I love linen.
You lucky thing, off to Europe. How awesome!
I did have a wonderful wedding day, thank you for your comments :-) I also wanted to mention (I don't think I have yet) how utterly fantastic your doormouse house is! I was talking with Peta just yesterday about how much skill and patience you have!
Anyhoo, I'm off to check out Naomi Ryder, how cool are those pics!


wow! completly jealous of your trip! how exciting. hope you have a great time :)


The Million Paws Walk looks fabulous...maybe next year, right? :) Have a wonderful time in London! (I'm so jealous!) Take lots of pictures for us.


Amazing embroidery/ illustration. I love how she is using it for albums, magazines and advertisements; craft for the cool...


what fabulous embroidery - wow wow wow!!!
I hope you enjoyed the squirrels, squirrels are brilliant!

Anna Lloyd

Naomi Ryder's embroidery is lovely, thanks for introducing us to her work! Have a fabulous time in the UK... I missed the Portobello markets when I was there. :( I would recommend you try and get to Tate Modern if you have time. And go to the bar upstairs, great view of London! It is open late on friday nights.

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